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October 13, 2015
By: Russell Willer

I’ll be honest with you, and with everyone for that matter… It feels like I am lost. I look around for direction, inspiration, and hope, and I get this weird feeling that comes in the form of pressure on top of my rib cage. It feels like all I see is a class of thousands pushing the pedals to this stationary cycle just to keep enough weight off our asses so we don’t look too bad when we go to the beach once a year. It seems like people are trying so hard to look happy that they forget that they are actually just posting images that resemble what we determine as happy moments. It feels like when people are reasoning for doing things in their lives, voting a certain way, or giving a message to the world, they are not seeing the perspective our ancestors would have wanted for us. Where are we going people? How can I be of service to this world and also feel accomplished? How can I help?

If that seems pessimistic, then you don’t know me. Yes, I am an attention seeker, but I am also genuinely interested in doing things right. I have one more thing to share before I get to the reason I am writing you all… I say this. It feels like people are STARTING to wake up. Meditation is common. Urban farming, yoga, and technology advancements have sparked many into self-reflection and self-realization. Sustainability, community growth and healthy living are high up in priorities among my friends. People want to live, and they want to do it now. As a cancer survivor, I ask you to get involved.

I have realized that I will die. I have realized, quite honestly, that we will all have our time here on this earth… and then we will die. That being what it is, I ask myself and all others the following 7 questions. Please take your time to answer them for yourself, and for the sake of this group please share! Ask your parents, your friends, mentors and anyone you are interested in speaking to… The answers will astonish you.

1) Are you happy?
2) Are you content with your personal space?
3) Do you feel like you are working towards achieving your goals?
4) Do you feel like you are physically and/or mentally in the right space?
5) What is the thing you are most proud of in your life?
6) If you were to do it all again, what would you change?
7) What do you share with this world? A message? A way of life? Something physical? What do you have to share, and are you sharing it?

I am lost, and yet I’m right here… Go figure!

Teach me people! I want to learn!!!

Much love,


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